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Tryouts and Clinics

Welcome to the Thrashers Evaluations and Skills Clinics Page

We will be running high level clinics throughout the year. All clinics are position driven and heavily focused on skill development. Our experienced staff of coaches will be running all sessions. Our Evaluations follow the same format and are starting in August for the 2024 Fall/2025 Summer season.

Players interested in joining our program can be evaluated at any of these sessions.

Clinic/Evaluation Schedule

We are currently filling open spots on our fall 2024/summer 2025 rosters.  If interested in playing, email us at

Thrashers 2024/2025 Season Tryouts

August 3, 2024

Franklin Gateway

Marietta, Ga 1-3 PM


This session is our first tryout for the 2024/2025 season.  Players will be evaluated for spots on our rosters for 3 fall and 4 summer events (2025 is for only fall).


Register Here

Thrashers Tryout 2

August, 2024

Southside Atlanta


This session will be announced at a later date.