deep south thrashers

Mission & Core Values

our mission

We believe that promoting a program centered around these 5 key C's of success, we are promoting a winning situation for all Players, Parents, and Coaches.

We believe that having Players, Coaches, and Parents of the finest Character leads to a program that not only excels on the field, but off it as well.

We believe that experienced Coaches, who can bring new and innovative training and teaching techniques to our players, are a key element to player development and success.

By playing in the best Competitive events, we will give our players the best opportunity to test their skills and see their development.

Consistency in everything we do is a key element of our mission. We aim to be consistent in the way we coach, run drills, communicate, and interact with our players and parents.

A Commitment to excellence in all things we do is a key part of our mission and will be a key part of all of our players success.

The 5 C's of a successful program

  • Character

  • Coaching

  • Competition

  • Consistency

  • Commitment